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Cut flower seed suppliers you don’t want to miss!

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

When I first started to grow flowers from seed especially for cutting I wasn't sure which companies would sell the varieties I wanted. This is a question that we get asked a lot so here are our favourite seed suppliers here in the UK.

UPDATE: Sows and Grows now has their own seed collections!

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Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden

Melanie curates the seed boxes that accompany our courses and we love working with her! Her seeds are so fresh that they have a great germination rate. The packets have plenty of seeds for a home gardener and she sells collections of seeds which can be useful when you are not sure what to buy! Do check out a personal favourite of mine which are the boxes for dried flowers and the box for pressed flowers. Such a great idea!

I also love that you can buy a box each season should you want to and they make fabulous gifts. The packaging is pretty and recyclable and there are clear instructions with colour photos to accompany each seed packet.

Our favourite seed supplier here at Sows and Grows!


Chiltern has many, many cut flower varieties to choose from! In fact, the amount can be overwhelming BUT they have a useful section where they showcase new varieties which I find helpful. The photos are stunning on this site so be warned as you can easily overorder!

My favourite cut flower varieties from Chilterns are the Antirrhinums. There are 34 different varieties to choose from! I mean can you have enough snapdragons? I think not!

I love the 'Majus' series as they have tall, long stems and come in some amazing colours. The traditional white is beautiful in arrangements or try the Apricot for a stunning cut flower in 2023.

This is Antirrhinum majus, 'Costa Apricot', F1 Hybrid

Green and Gorgeous

You have to be quick to buy from the gorgoeus, Green and Gorgeous as their seeds sell out quickly! Offering perhaps slightly more unusual varieties such as Penny Cress and Florists Dill, Green and Gorgeous is a must for fresh and generous amounts of seed in paper envelopes. I grew a number of their varities from seed in 2022, my favouite being a little wildflower called Bladderwort or Silene; a perennial you didn't know you needed!

Plants of Distinction

you receive a massive 40% off from Plants of distinction which makes seed buying even more tempting than before! They have everything you could possibly want to sow for cut flowers which again, can be slightly overwhelming and tricky on the purse!!

There are many varieties I have loved growing from them but I think my favourite would be the varieties of cosmos that they sell. Cosmos is the best cut and come again flower you can grow and it's become a staple in my garden!

This is a mixture of Cosmos Antiquity and Candy Stripe.


I love Higgledy garden seeds as they are fresh and I think the instructions are particularly helpful. I bought the biennials selection a few years ago and had beautiful plants from the generous amount of seeds in each packet. A great site particularly for beginners I think.

These sweet williams were a seed mix from Higgeldy Garden.

I hope you have enjoyed my recommendations.

Happy seed sowing!

Sophie 🌸

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