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Come Learn With Us

Sophie and Helier 'met' via Instagram in 2019 when posting about their gardens. They began to chat via Whatsapp with a group of gardeners and became garden 'buddies!' During Lockdown, this group became important and new friendships were made. The group began to meet up in 'real life' and Helier and Sophie created cutting gardens to pursue their love of growing from seed. Helier has hosted many successful courses about how to create cutting gardens. This led to her creating a '5 star' cutting garden with a group of growers for Alitex greenhouses for RHS Hampton Court in 2022. What an achievement!

Sophie is a teacher by training with over 20 years expereince but left her career due to Long Covid. Her slow recovery over three years saw her sowing seeds as part of her healing journey. Sowing seeds is very much a mindful activity that focuses the mind on that moment rather than worrying what else is happening. Nurturing seedlings helped both her physical and mental health during a tricky time. Something she would like to pass on to others as she is now recovered.


Helier and Sophie hope that you will gain not only knowledge from their courses but also a love of growing flowers from seed that will embellish your life and bring you joy!

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