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What is your cancellation policy?

Please read whether the course is right for you before booking.

Course places must be paid for at the time of booking.

Places will not be held without payment in full.

Full refunds for cancellations can be made until seven working days before the course start date.

Less than seven working days before the course, refunds will not be made for course places which the customer cannot attend.

We cannot be responsible for the weather! Please be patient if the weather is severe and this affects your seedlings.

Please contact us if you are worried that the course you have booked is not for you. We are here to help.

What do I need for this course?

Our courses are for both beginners and gardeners with some experience of growing flowers from seed. We also have more experienced gardeners who just want to join a community of growers. 

We will let you know what equipment we use for sowing at the beginning of each course so you can make an informed course about what you would like to use.

Seed boxes have been curated by us with Melanie from  

Bishy Barnabees cottage garden

Boxes of seeds are bought separately enabling you to choose the seeds you would like to grow. All Courses will sow the seeds in the boxes as mentioned in the course outline.

Where will courses be held?

All of our courses are held online on our website or in a private Facebook group. This enables us to build a community of course members who can help and support each other with our guidance. 

Links to the Online Course and Forum OR Facebook group are send out before the course starts.  If you have any problems, please email us

BEFORE the start of the course.

Course start dates are always mentioned when you book.

How will I learn?

Before the course starts, you will be added to the group linked to the course. Course content will be accessed via the website in the form of notes, photos and videos. 

After that, lessons are added to the group as video content for you to access as the course progresses. Each Lesson will have specific sowing instructions for each seed. It will also include tips for potting on, hardening off and planting out, if appropriate.

Video sessions will be added to the group as the course progresses.

Each course member will automatically be added to the private course forum. This will enable course members to interact with Helier, Sophie and each other. This is vital when learning new skills! You will be encouraged to ask questions and post photos in the forum. Helier and Sophie will answer questions in the forum. It is also a lovey way to stay connected to other members in the course.

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