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Foliage for arrangements: seed to consider sowing this Spring.

Are you sowing and growing cut flowers and are looking for foliage to grow?

naturalistic bouquet of flowers in a glass jar.

Foliage for flower arrangements is often overlooked as growers are mesmerised by all the fancy and blousy focal flowers such as cosmos, zinnia and roses! But foliage is just as important as it will allow those focal flowers to shine with their supporting colours, textures and scents!

Sowing and growing foliage can seem like a waste of space in the cutting garden or patch but unless you have lots of shrubs from which to cut, they are invaluable. Sowing them from seed will also save you money!

Still not convinced? Well let me show you some of my favourites!

Silene Vulgaris or Bladder Campion

Silene is grown for its bladders that seems to dance in any arrangement. They are lovely fresh or dried and as a perennial, will come back each year! The frilly ends tinge pink as they age adding to their interest. Seeds are available in our shop.

Bupleurum Bronze

Notoriously tricky to grow from seed, this plant adds nature colour to any arrangement. The trick is to sow fresh seed and allow it to self seed.

Lagurus or Bunny Tails Grass

This is a fun grass to grow and can be direct sown in late spring once the soil warms up. Their fluffy ends look just like bunny tails, hence their name! They are very tactile so add something different to any floral design. They are fluffy when fresh but dry brilliantly making good choices for Autumn or Winter arrangements.

Panicum Fountaine 'sparkle fountain'

A clump forming annual grass that is easy to grow from seed and forms part of the Spring collection which we will be sowing on our Spring course. This annual literally sparkles in the light in late summer and through the autumn so is perfect to accompany dahlias.

Moluccella laevis or Bells of Ireland

Bells or brachs form on slender stems of this tall plant. Growing from seed can be tricky as it needs cold stratification but its long stems add much interest to any arrangement. I love the limey green colour of this plant! Seeds are available in our shop.

Salvia Viridis 'Clary sage'

Spikes of blue, white, blue or purple bracts grow profusely throughout the summer. These add colourful additions to bouquets and arrangements. It can be cut and it will grow again making it a true 'cut and come again' cut flower. We are growing this on our Spring course as its perfect for both beginners and advanced growers alike.


Have you considered growing herbs especially for cut flowers and foliage?

Mint, Bronze fennel, Dill, Marjoram and Rosemary make lovely additions to arrangements as they smell amazing adding something special. Allowing the plant to 'bolt' will produce lovely flowers which can be used in floral designs.

Did you know that you can Sow and Grow with us on one of our courses?

The Spring course where we sow and grow half hardy annuals such as cosmos, zinnia and asters is ready to book.

We sell seed collections and single packets of seeds in our shop.

Foliage seeds to consider sowing
Foliage seeds to consider sowing

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