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Sow. Grow. Enjoy.

Helier and Sophie invite you to learn how to grow beautiful flowers from seed either for your borders or for a specific cutting garden. 

Being home gardeners not flower farmers, we sow and grow with your needs in mind. With years of growing experience, Sophie and Helier can help you create your dream flower garden all grown from seed! Sophie is a trained teacher with over 20 years experience. Helier is a trained lawyer and is training to be a garden designer. Both have an eye for detail so will not only teach you how to do something but also why.

Let us 'hold you hand' whilst we sow and grow together.

100% course members satisfaction.

50% course members book a second course with us.


Sophie and Helier ae so natural and come at it from a normal gardeners point of view rather than a flower farmer.. Its been helpful going over the basics, and there have been so many hints and tips that have been worth while. Being able to watch the sessions at any time has also been useful. I have especially enjoyed seeing your seedlings and other peoples that have posted (in the group).  Thank you!


Before I started this course I had never even heard of a biennial. Now, I understand what they are and have lots of seedlings! Due to the weather this has not been an easy time to grow but Helier & Sophie have been very responsive to questions and came up with some useful suggestions on what to do differently. The Facebook lives have been very easy to follow and its great to be able to watch them again if needed. The sessions have been well spaced out covering all aspects from sowing to planting out, so next year I'm hoping for a blooming garden even earlier!


What I loved most about this course is the hands on approach, the no holds barred attentive support and thorough impart of knowledge. An avid keen grower myself, I have learnt lots! Thank you ladies for all you do for people who just want to grow flowers!

There's a lovely feeling that you are not alone with support waiting from all members. Loved it!


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